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Policies and Borrowing

General Policies

  • Bags, jackets and coats are not permitted in the library. They can be stored in lockers for a €2 deposit (please note that it is not always possible to give out change at the lending desk!). The use of transparent plastic bags is allowed.
  • Please show any books you bring with you or that you intend to borrow at the lending desk. Do not take any books with you that have not been checked out via the official lending system or the lists for short-term loans, even if it is only for short-time use in your office.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the library, with the exception of water in resealable bottles.
  • We kindly ask library users to behave quietly so that other users can work undisturbed. Please set mobile phones to silent.
  • It is not permitted to talk in the reading and reference rooms.
  • Writing (even with pencil!) and the use of Post-it notes in library books is not allowed, as it may damage the books! Please use bookmarks or paper strips instead.
  • We kindly ask you to return any books taken out of the shelves to their original place. In case of doubt, please leave the books in the designated shelves/cabinets or ask the library staff for help.
  • Setting up a permanent work desk requires permission of the corresponding head of library.
  • If you wish to use books at a permanent work desk, please place them on reserve and ask the library staff to label them as “Inhouse-Apparat”. All unmarked books are returned to their place by the staff. Please return reference works to their shelves on the same day.
  • The library computers are for research purposes and scholarly work. External users and guests without a Heidelberg University account can obtain a guest account at the lending desk.
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