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Who Can Borrow Books?

Formally, the East Asian Library is a reference library only. However, it has been decided that until further notice both members of the University of Heidelberg (students and university staff) and external users are allowed to borrow books.

  1. To borrow books a student card or library card of the Heidelberg University Library is required. After presentation of their student card, students who are enrolled at the University of Heidelberg are allowed to borrow books, no matter whether they study at the East Asian Studies department or not. On first borrowing students must present an official photo identification document (driver's license, passport or identity card) in addition to their student card. In general, the student card must ALWAYS be presented when checking out books.
  2. Students from other universities and academic guests of the East Asian Studies Department can receive a free library card from the University Library. More information may be found on the homepage of the University Library under "Loan Services".
  3. Users that are not affiliated to a university may, for a certain fee, apply for an annual library pass from the University Library. For more information see "Loan Services" on the University Library homepage.

Please report any changes in your personal details to the East Asian Library's lending desk promptly.

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on: 2018-05-23
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