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Loan Periods

Formally, the East Asian Library is a reference library only. However, it has been decided that until further notice both members of the University of Heidelberg (students and university staff) and external users are allowed to borrow books.

Media must be returned without request before the end of the loan period.

The East Asian Library has a unified lending system. The maximum number of borrowed items thus counts for all three sub libraries combined. On request, readers can receive a printout of the borrowed items checked to their account.

  • Bachelor students and external users: 8 items (across all BOA libraries) for 4 weeks.
  • Master- and PhD-students at Heidelberg University: 20 items (across all BOA libraries) for 3 months.
  • Academic staff from Heidelberg University: 50 items (across all BOA libraries) for 6 months.
  • Inhouse loans: When writing academic papers, users can borrow items as "inhouse loan" and deposit them on a dedicated "inhouse shelf" in the library. These must be marked according to the rules of the library and the loan period has to be extended at the end of each semester. A maximum of 20 items can be borrowed inhouse; charges for overdue items do not apply.
  • Long term loans: For items that are needed over a longer period of time for specific academic projects, the participants of the project can ask the librarians to borrow certain items on a long term basis. No item can be borrowed long term without the assent of the librarian in charge. The items may be called back by the library staff at any time when needed in the library.

The loan period for a book can be renewed up to two times, unless another user placed a hold on the item. Renewals can be made via phone or email. After the second renewal, books have to be brought back to the library, can however be borrowed again immediately if no one else requested them. The count of renewals starts again at zero.

In case a book is needed in the department, the borrower has to bring it back immediately, regardless of the loan period. It is therefore not permitted to borrow books during an extended period of absence (e.g. holidays, research periods abroad, etc.).

Should a title be put on reservation by someone else the original loan period becomes void. The original lender will be informed by e-mail and the book has to be returned within two weeks. Overdue fees will become due immediately thereafter.

For the preparation of class presentations or term papers students may borrow books out of course reserves, but only over night or over the weekend and only in accord with the respective lecturer. They have to be returned by 12 o'clock on the due date. For a longer lending period the permission of the respective teacher is required.

The following items may not be borrowed:

  1. journals and periodicals
  2. reference works
  3. all books that are marked with a red sticker
  4. separata and archive material
  5. course reserves
  6. books that were ordered via "Blauer Leihverkehr" (BL) at the Berlin State Library
  7. books with special shelf marks (S...)
  8. video and audio tapes, CDs, VCDs, DVDs
  9. Master's and Bachelor's theses

The items a) to g) may be taken out of the library to be copied if the borrower provides an ID as security, but have to be brought back the same day. Video tapes are under no circumstances to be taken out of the library.

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