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À la folie - = À la folie : = / un film de Wang Bing. -
[Straßburg]: Arte France Développement Graphisme, 2015. - 1 Online-Ressource (1 Video-Datei, 227 Minuten) : farbig


Plot overview: Alice is a promising young artist in Paris. Her boyfriend Franck, a boxer, has just moved in to her attic flat. Then her sister Elsa, a bored housewife, leaves her unfaithful husband Thomas...

Bian cheng san xia - = Bian cheng san xia : = / dao yan Zhang Che ; zhu yan Wang Yu, Luo Lie, Qin Ping, Zheng Lei, Du Juan. -
Hong Kong: Celestial pictures, 2003. - 1 Online-Ressource (1 Video-Datei, 103 Minuten) : farbig

邊城三俠 / 導演張徹 ; 主演王羽, 羅烈, 秦萍, 鄭雷, 杜娟. -
香港: 天映娛樂, 2003


Plot overview: A wandering swordsman named Lu Fang (Jimmy Wang Yu) who is returning from battle discovers that several farmers have kidnapped the local magistrate’s daughter. He sides with them after learning that this is an act of desperation to improve their low standard of living. The magistrate hires bandits and another fighter named Huang Liang (Cheng Lui) to get his daughter back. Huang recognizes Lu as a comrade in arms and joins him in fending off the bandits. The standoff comes to an abrupt end when the magistrate uses one of the farmer’s daughters as leverage to get his own daughter back. Lu convinces the magistrate to punish him in place of the farmers, but he’s lied to. The magistrate’s daughter (Chin Ping) and a fighter in his employ (Lo Lieh), along with Huang help Lu to escape. Once recovered, our heroes return to see that a petition from the farmers gets to a higher-ranking official.

Wa wa fu ren - = Wa wa fu ren : = / dao yan Jin Zhu rong ; zhu yan Li Jing, Ling Yun, Ling Ling. -
Hong Kong: Celestial pictures, 2003. - 1 Online-Ressource (1 Video-Datei, 84 Minuten) : farbig

娃娃夫人 / 導演金洙容 ; 主演李菁, 凌雲, 凌玲. -
香港: 天映娛樂, 2003


Plot overview: Under false pretenses, Zhenzhen marries Mr. Lin, who happens to be her teacher. She wants to still study and wants to enroll in his school in Hong Kong. The head of the school agrees to this under the condition that they conceal the fact that they are married. Zhenzhen finds out right away that her husband is fawned over by the girls, they all have a crush on him, as also does the spinster librarian. However, Mr. Lin finds that that the boys in the school (they are late teens, 17 or so) really like Zhenzhen. This leads to hurt feelings, questions about fidelity and even, in Zhenzhen's case, innocuous dates with one of the boys who rides a motorcycle.

Bi hu - = Bi hu : = / dao yan Chu Yuan ; zhu yan Chen Bao zhu, Yue Hua, Luo Lie. -
Hong Kong: Celestial pictures, 2003. - 1 Online-Ressource (1 Video-Datei, 101 Minuten) : farbig

壁虎 / 導演楚原 ; 主演陳寶珠, 岳華, 羅烈. -
香港: 天映娛樂, 2003


Plot overview: He steals from the rich and gives to the poor! Like Robin Hood, the title hero of The Lizard is a philanthropic thief, except the Lizard makes his rounds in 1930s Shanghai. Corrupt police chief Chen Can (Law Lit) is assigned to bring down the Lizard to appease the sinister Japanese forces, but the Lizard constantly eludes his grasp. Little does Chen Can know that the wily thief actually works for him! The Lizard's true identity is the mousy Cheng Long (Ngok Wah), who dons a mask and takes to the streets to spread his righteous message.

Tie shan gong zhu - = Tie shan gong zhu : = / dao yan He Meng hua ; Zhu yan Ding Hong, Yue Hua, Zheng Pei pei, He Li li, He Fan. -
Hong Kong: Celestial pictures, 2003. - 1 Online-Ressource (1 Video-Datei, 93 Minuten) : farbig

鐵扇公主 / 導演何夢華 ; 主演丁紅, 岳華, 鄭佩佩, 何莉莉, 何藩. -
香港: 天映娛樂, 2003


Plot overview: The Monkey King and his gang are confronted by the evil Princess Iron Fan, Madam White Bone and her two sexy sisters.

Dan mai wa jiao - = Dan mai wa jiao : = / dao yan Lü Qi ; zhu yan Li Jing, Zong Hua, Wang Lai. -
Xiang Gang: Zhou li ying shi you xian gong si, 2004. - 1 Online-Ressource (1 Video-Datei, 88 Minuten) : farbig

丹麥娃嬌 / 導演呂奇 ; 主演李菁, 宗華, 王萊. -
香港: 洲立影視有限公司, 2004


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