Korean Studies Working Group
M.A. Transcultural Studies

The M.A. Transcultural Studies at Heidelberg University offers an interdisciplinary and trans-regional focus, allowing for students interested in Korea to pursue their ambitions.
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Dr. Hyojin Lee
Managing Director

Karl Jaspers Centre
Vossstr. 2, Building 4400
69115 Heidelberg



Korean Studies Working Group

Pulguk Temple (South Korea)

Heidelberg University scholars have long been interested in the study of Korea and traditionally research has been strongest in the fields of society and politics and art history, where individual doctoral students were also trained in the analysis of Korea. Despite its research strength, Heidelberg undergraduate teaching on Korea has been lagging behind the significantly larger offerings in Chinese and Japanese Studies since the 1960s. The Heidelberg Korean Studies Group formed in 2011 to fill this gap and to provide interdisciplinary, transcultural training on Korea including a range of Korean language and content classes as of the Wintersemester 2012 that are in line with the aspirations of one of Europe's premier center of East Asian Studies working with all scholars from related disciplines in its university.

Heidelberg University receives several grants by the Korea Foundation

The Korea Foundation grants support for a lecturer position, beginning winter 2012 until summer 2017.

Heidelberg University receives a grant by the Academy for Korean Studies

International Conference “Korea in the Long Nineteenth Century: Korea and the Foreign Powers, 1850-1910”, 18-20 May 2017, Heidelberg University Center for Transcultural Studies


Korean Partner Universities

University of Seoul
Seoul National University
Sungkyunkwan University
Sogang University
Yonsei University

Heidelberg Student Exchange with Korea

Information on exchange programmes (Asia) with Korea, and for international students in Heidelberg

Supervisory Board

Prof. Dr. Fuess, Harald (Cultural Economic History; Japanese Studies; Speaker)
Prof. Dr. Pohlmann, Markus (Sociology)
Prof. Dr. Croissant, Aurel (Political Science)
Prof. Dr. Giele, Enno (Sinology)

International Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Eggert, Marion (Bochum)
Prof. Dr. Frank, Rüdiger (Wien)
Dr. Lewis, James (Oxford)

Heidelberg Scholars and Teachers with Korea Expertise

Prof. Dr. Croissant, Aurel (Political Science)
Prof. Dr. Fuess, Harald (Cultural Economic History), Cluster "Asia & Europe"
Prof. Dr. Christian Förster (Transcultural Studies: Social Science and Law), Cluster "Asia & Europe"
Prof. Dr. Pohlmann, Markus (Sociology)
Dr. Kwon-Hein, Jaok (Sociology)
Dr. des. Koch, Franziska (Art History, Cluster "Asia & Europe")

Korean Language Teachers
Dr. Lee, Hyojin (Lecturer)

Visiting Professors
Dr. Ahn, Yonson (2012), Frankfurt University.
Dr. Jackson, Andrew David  (2013) SOAS London
Prof. Dr. Tikhonov, Vladimir (2013) University Oslo
Prof. Dr. Kalinowski, Thomas (2015) Ewha Womans University, Korea

Former members
Prof. Dr. Kern, Thomas (Technische Universität Chemnitz)
Dr. Nam, Sang-Hui (Technische Universität Chemnitz)
Dr. Maslow, Sebastian (DIJ Tokyo)

Heidelberg Scholars interested in Korea and collaborative Research Projects

Prof. Dr. Fuess, Harald (Cluster Project C12: The Asian Sea)
Prof. Dr. Mittler, Barbara (Cluster Project B2: Creative Dissonances)
Prof. Dr. Müller-Sani, Gotelind (Cluster Project A2: Schoolbooks)
Dr. Kwon-Hein, Jaok (Cluster-Project A26: The Transculture of Capitalism)

Publications since 2010:

Prof. Dr. Fuess, Harald: "E. Meyer & Co. at the Eastern Frontiers of Capitalism: The Leading Western Merchant House in Korea, 1884-1914" In Journal of Business History, Vol. 62:1, 3-30 (2016)
Prof. Dr. Croissant, Aurel: „Das Politische System Südkoreas“ (“The Political System of South Korea”), Politische Systeme in Ostasien (Political Systems of East Asia) (edited by C. Derichs and T. Heberer), 2014, Wiesbaden: VS Verlag, 3rd edition
Prof. Dr. Fuess, Harald: “The Korea Problem and the Treaty Port Press: Formation of a National Image Through Western Intermediation in East Asia”, East Asian Print Culture and Archives: Formation and Dissemination of Knowledge, Seventh Kyujanggak International Symposium on Korean Studies, 377–91. Seoul National University (2014)
Prof. Dr. Fuess, Harald: "Selbstregulierung einer Fremdenkolonie: Konsulargerichtsbarkeit in Japan und Korea", Zeitschrift für japanisches Recht (2013) (read)
Maslow, Sebastian: "Japan, Noth Korea and the abduction issue", East Asia Forum (2013) (read)
Prof. Dr. Croissant, Aurel and Prof. Dr. Kalinowski, Thomas:  “South Korea report”, Sustainable Governance Indicators 2011 (edited by Bertelsmann Stiftung) (2011) (read)
Prof. Dr. Pohlmann, Markus, Seung Hyeob Lee, Jong Hee Lee, Tae Guk Jeon, Jan Wielgohs, Oliver Kloos and Michael Hofmann:
"German Unification and Power Elites in the East Germany. Lessons for the Korean Unification", Korean-German Society for Sociology, publisher Hanulbooks Seoul (2011) (Korean)


M.A. Theses

1.      Anna Vinogradova “Korea Royal Refuge at the Russian Legation” (2014)
2.      Nicolas Felix Christian Kuhr, “Korean Food Culture” (2015)
3.      Jimin Roh, “Korean Family Business in Germany: Searching for Acculturation Characteristics of Korean Immigrants” (2015)
4.      Ksenia Kolopenko “Portraying binational families in South Korea: media images and ‘realities’” (2015)
5.      Jin Ju Kim „GIs and Koreans: Camp towns, Nation and Public Opinion” (2016)
6.      Vera Schleich “The Consumption of South Korean Television Dramas in China. Female Audiences, Cultural Proximity and Contesting Ideals of Femininity” (2016)
7.      Eunyoung Park “Korean Food Tourism’ (2016)

Projects in Cooperation

Journal: Hefte für Ostasiatische Literatur (East Asian Literature; IUDICIUM)
Journal: Transcultural Studies

Heidelberg Class Offerings on Korea from 2012

Classes in Korean Language:

Seminars about Korea:

Intensive Courses in Korean (Spring & Summer Schools)

In Germany
LSI Bochum Korean Intensiv (3 weeks August, 2 weeks September)

In Korea
Sogang University Korean Immersion Program (5 weeks July-August)
Seoul National University (3 weeks August)
Sungkyun University Language Program (March, August)
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (March, August)
Ewha University Language Centre (3 weeks in February, March, August, September)
Yonsei University (3 weeks February, September)
University of Seoul (2 weeks August)

Korea related Institutions

Deutsch-Koreanischer Wirtschaftskreis e.V.
Deutsch-Koreanische Gesellschaft e.V.
Deutsch-Koreanische Industrie- und Handelskammer


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