Korean Studies Working Group
M.A. Transcultural Studies

The M.A. Transcultural Studies at Heidelberg University offers an interdisciplinary and trans-regional focus, allowing for students interested in Korea to pursue their ambitions.
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Upcoming Event

Title: Varieties of Capitalism and Practices of Ideas: The case of South Korea
Name: Prof. Taeyoung Yoo (College of Business, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, Korea)
Date: Tuesday, 4 December 2018, 18:00
Place: Room 201 Sinologie, Akademiestrasse 4-8, 69117 Heidelberg


Unsere Mitarbeiter:
Dr. Jaok Kwon-Hein
(Social Sciences):

Dr. Hyojin Lee


Korean Studies Working Group

Pulguk Tempel (Südkorea)

Korean Studies Working Group

Heidelberg University scholars have long been interested in the study of Korea and traditionally research has been strongest in the fields of society and politics and art history, where individual doctoral students were also trained in the analysis of Korea. Despite its research strength, Heidelberg undergraduate teaching on Korea has been lagging behind the significantly larger offerings in Chinese and Japanese studies since the 1960s. The Heidelberg Korean Studies Group was formed in 2011 to fill this gap and to provide interdisciplinary, transcultural training on Korea including a range of Korean language and content classes as of the winter semester 2012 that are in line with the aspirations of one of Europe’s premier center of East Asian Studies working with all scholars from related disciplines in its university.

Korean language courses

The Korea Foundation has supported for a lecturer position for language courses since 2012. Four different levels are provided each year: Korean I and Korean III usually in winter semester and Korean II and Korean IV usually in summer semester. You can find the details of the courses for each academic year below.

Current semester (winter semester 2018/19).


Korea-related seminars

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