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The centre was established in 2005 by integrating the institutes of Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies and East Asian Art History as well as the Korean Language Studies. This integration resulted in an excellent framework for organisation, research and teaching.

Aims and objectives

East Asia is a region with ancient, highly developed cultures that have gained tremendous weight in the political and economical arena. The East Asian Studies in Heidelberg are dedicated to an examination of East Asian societies as regards historical development, regional linkages as well as current characteristics. The Heidelberg Centre for East Asian Studies is one of the most important and most internationally oriented teaching and research centres of its kind in Europe. It maintains a lively intellectual and institutional exchange with other major research centres for regional sciences in East Asian, Europe and the United States.

Organization chart

Centre for East Asian Studies
Institute of Chinese Studies Institute of East Asian Art History
East Asian Library




Prof. Dr. Barbara Mittler
Institut für Sinologie
Voßstraße 2, R.120.03.01
Tel.: +49 (06221) 54-15322 | E-Mail

Prof. Dr. Barbara Mittler

Deputy Director:

Prof. Dr. Judit Árokay
Institut für Japanologie
Voßstraße 2, R.120.02.05
Tel.: +49 (06221) 54-15351 | E-Mail

Prof. Dr. Judith Árokay



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