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Prof. Doris Croissant

Außerordentliche Professorin.
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Curriculum Vitae

Studied at the Freie Universitaet Berlin and the Ruprecht-Karls-Universitaet of Heidelberg, the University of Kyôto and the University of Tôkyô.
In 1963 she received her doctorate in the History of Art Program of Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany in 1963.
In 1970-71 she has been a research fellow at the Harvard University, Cambridge, U.S.A. and 1971-1973 at the Research Institute of Humanistic Studies (Jinbun  Kagaku Kenkyûsho), Kyôto).
In 1973 she has been awarded the venia legendi (habilitation qualification) in Art History of East Asia.
Since 1978 she teaches on Japanese and Chinese art at the East-Asian Department of the Institute of Art History, Heidelberg University.
In 1981-82  she studied as visiting scholar at the Research Institute of Humanistic Studies (Jinbun Kagaku Kenkyûsho), Kyoto.

She received grants and fellowships from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Deutsche Akademische Ausstauschdienst, Volkswagen-Stiftung and Breuninger-Stiftung.

Her research interests are the concept of realism in Chinese and Japanese portraiture; reception of Japanese courtly culture from Edo period to the modern;  reception of Western aesthetics, visuality  and art criticism in Meiji and Taisho period painting  (Yôga and Nihonga), and more recently gender and sexuality in Japanese art.

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