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On this page you may find a selection of useful online dictionaries. Resources with a green yes are approved and enabled for exams at the Institute of Chinese Studies. If you have suggestions for additional items for this list, please contact the webteam.

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During exams, only websites with a green yes will be accessible. All other websites will be blocked and unavailable! The necessary login-data will be provided by the examination supervisor.


Chinese dictionaries


title chin. title lang. access exam
3000 Chinese Character Dictionary 漢字三千字典 cn(t)->en local yes Dictionary Info Dictionary Vocabulary Translation

Information: is a user generated language portal. "With you can look for translations, learn languages with the help of language tests and help to build up the dictionary. You can make your own translation suggestions or verify the suggestions of other users." Includes a Chinese<->German and Chinese<->English dictionary.

Language: en, cn(s+t)
Type of resource: Dictionary
- cn(s)<->en, ger Online yes
China Reference Works Online (CNKI)Info

China Reference Works Online (CNKI)


CRWO is an authoritative, comprehensive and continuously updated encyclopedia database. It collects 4000 reference works from over 200 China leading publishers, including dictionaries, bilingual dictionaries, thesauruses, cyclopedias, illustrated books, table spectrum, biography, quotations, handbooks ,and so on, covering over 15 million entries and 700 thousand images. The content covers such subjects as philosophy, art, social science, culture, education, natural science, engineering, medicine, which are all written by expert. (...) CRWO is a digitalized integration from traditional reference works, including 10 series and 168 subjects. CRWO provides a powerful full-text searching system, allowing users to obtain all the relevant knowledge information in different books on one platform, thus it is a significant breakthrough in the limit of the traditional searching..

Link: CNKI
Language: en, cn(s+t)
Type of resource: Collection of resources
- cn(s+t)<->en CrossAsia no
Chinese Characters Dictionary WebInfo

Chinese Characters Dictionary Web (字典網)


Many of the Chinese dictionaries on the web are interlinked at a character-to-character level, allowing visitors to jump across dictionaries to check the same character entry without having to search again for the character. Find a character in any of the incorporated dictionaries and you can follow the blue links, jumping between more than a dozen dictionaries spread across seven countries and four continents.

Link: Chinese Characters Dictionary Web
Sprache: en, cn(s,t)
Art der Ressource: Wörterbuch
字典網 cn(s+t)->en Online no
Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern UsageInfo

Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Usage (當代漢英詞典)


The production of the Web edition of Lin Yutang's Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Usage is based on the first edition of the work (hereafter called "the original edition") published in 1972 by the Chinese University Press. The dictionary comprises a total of 8,169 head characters, together with 44,407 explanatory entries of grammatical usage and 40,379 entries of Chinese words or phrases.

Link: Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Usage
Sprache: en, cn(t)
Art der Ressource: Wörterbuch
當代漢英詞典 cn(t)->en Online yes
Chinese EtymologyInfo

Chinese Etymology


Etymological databases of ancient as well as modern Chinese characters.

Link: Chinese Etymology - Online
Sprache: en, cn(t)
Art der Ressource: Etymologisches Wörterbuch
- cn(t)->en Online no
Chinese- Japanese- Korean- Vietnamese- English DictionaryIndex

Chinese- Japanese- Korean- Vietnamese- English Dictionary


Ursprünglich Teil des Digital Dictionary of Buddhism, liefert die Datenbank CJKV-English Dictionary englischsprachige Definitionen zu mehr als 20.000 Begriffen aus der chinesischen, japanischen, koreanischen und vietnamesischen Kultur- und Geistesgeschichte, von der Zhou-Dynastie bis zum 19. Jahrhundert. Der Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf dem Chinesischen, dem Konfuzianismus sowie dem Daoismus.

Link: CJKVE: Zugang über UB
sprache: en, cn(t)
Art der Ressource: Wörterbuch
- cn(t)->en UB no
Chinese Text ProjectInfo

Chinese Text Project (中國哲學書電子化計劃)


The Chinese Text Project is a web-based e-text system designed to present ancient Chinese texts, particularly those relating to Chinese philosophy, in a well-structured and properly cross-referenced manner, making the most of the electronic medium to aid in the study and understanding of these texts. You may wish to read more about the project, view the full table of contents, or consult the instructions. Some texts are available in translation (e.g. Legge).

Link: CTP - Online
Sprache: en, cn(t)
Art der Ressource: Sammlung von Texten
中國哲學書電子化計劃 cn(s+t)->en Online no
Chinese Slang WordsInfo

Chinese Slang Words


This website provides a list of Chinese slang words with English translations. Categories are obscenities, Falun Gong, Chinese officials, political terms, banned media and true mysteries.

Link: Chinese Slang Words
Sprache: de
Art der Ressource: Wörterbuch
- cn(s)->en Online no
DeHanCi Externer Inhalt 德汉词 cn(s)<->de Online no
Digital Dictionary of BuddhismInfo

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism


Dieses Wörterbuch ist eine Kompilation buddhistischer Termini, Texte, Personen etc. aus verschiedenen buddhistischen kanonischen Quellen.

Link: DDB: Zugang über UB
Sprache: en, cn (t)
Art der Ressource: Wörterbuch
- cn(t)->en UB no
Grand Ricci, LeInfo

Le Grand Ricci (利氏漢法辭典)


Größtes chinesisch-westlichsprachiges Wörterbuch, mit Einträgen zu rund 13.500 Schriftzeichen und 280.000 zusammengesetzten Wörtern und Wendungen. Weitere Besonderheiten sind, dass es sowohl klassisches als auch modernes Chinesisch erfasst, Zeichenformen auch in Orakelknochenschrift angibt und weitere etymologische Hinweise bietet, was in zweisprachigen Wörterbüchern sonst nicht üblich ist.

Link: Le Grand Ricci
Sprache: cn(s), de
Art der Ressource: Wörterbuch
利氏漢法辭典 cn(s+t)<->fr local yes
Guoyu Cidian: Revised Mandarin Chinese Dictionary 重編國語辭典修訂本光碟板 cn(t)<->cn(t) local yes
Hanyu Da Cidian 漢語大詞典 cn(t)<->cn(t) local yes
Kaifang Cidian: CantoneseInfo

Kaifang Cidian: Cantonese (開放詞典:粵語)


Mandarin to Cantonese and vice versa dictionary with transliteration.

Link: Kaifang Cidian: Cantonese
Language: can, cn(t)
Type of Resource: Dictionary
開放詞典:粵語 cn(t)<->can Online yes
Kangxi DictionaryInfo

Kangxi Dictionary (康熙字典)


Initiated on imperial order, the Kangxi zidian 康熙字典 (The Imperial Character Dictionary) was first published in 1716 after about five years of compilation. Emperor Kangxi wrote the preface to the dictionary and thus granted the book and the system of 214 radicals the dictionary uses for structuring its content official status. Containing 47.035 entries it remained the most popular and comprehensive Chinese character dictionary up to time Morohashi's Dai kanwa jiten was published in the 1950ies. The database provides radical, stroke count and pinyin/zhuyinzimu indexes. Full text searches are also possible. For each character its modern reading and the Unicode code point are given. The display of the entries can be switched between simplified and traditional characters and scans from the late Qing Wentong edition (文同書局) are provided for comparison. The original pages may also be printed.

Link: Kangxi Dictionary
Language: cn(t)
Type of resource: Dictionary
康熙字典 cn(t)<->cn (t) CrossAsia no
Langenscheidt Online-WörterbücherInfo

Langenscheidt Online-Wörterbücher


The portal includes Langenscheidt dictionaries for most European languages, as well as a few others like Chinese and Japanese. In addition there are numerous technical dictionaries and some German Duden-Dictionaries (Spelling, Grammar, Synonyms).

Link: Langenscheidt Online-Wörterbücher
Language: various
Type of resource: Dictionary
- various UB no
LEO: ChinesischInfo

LEO: Chinesisch


Link Everything Online (LEO) Chinesisch-Wörterbuch mit ca. 135.000 Einträgen (Feb.2011).

Link: LEO: Chinesisch
Sprache: cn(s), de
Art der Ressource: Wörterbuch
- cn(s+t)->de Online yes
LINE (former NCIKU)Info

NCIKU (n词酷)


LINE (former NCIKU) is a Chinese-English and English-Chinese online dictionary aimed at English speakers who are learning Chinese. At the moment it mainly uses Simplified characters, although the Traditional versions of some words are given.

Language: cn(s)<->en
Type of resource: Dictionary
- cn(s)<->en Online yes
MDBG DictionaryInfo

MDBG Dictionary


This website offers more than just a dictionary, it offers various tools such as: flashcards, quizzes, text annotation, Chinese text input and more.

Link: MDBG
Sprache: cn(s)<->en
Art der Ressource: Wörterbuch
- cn(s+t)<->en Online yes
Modern Chinese Scientific Terminologies (MCST)Info

Modern Chinese Scientific Terminologies (近現代漢語學術用語研究)


A Repository of Chinese Scientific, Philosophical and Political Terms Coined in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century

Link: Modern Chinese Scientific Terminologies
Sprache: en
Art der Ressource: Wörterbuch
近現代漢語學術用語研究 cn(t)<->en Online no
Multi-function Chinese Charakter Database)Info

Multi-function Chinese Character Database (漢語多功能字庫)


With Archaic Script Forms, Etymologies, English-Chinese Lookup, & Word-formations Phonologically Disambiguated According to the Cantonese Dialect

Link: Multi-function Chinese Character Database
Sprache: en
Art der Ressource: Wörterbuch
漢語多功能字庫 cn(t)<->en Online nein
SmartHanzi DDB-Access - cn(t)<->en local no
PONS Online-Wörterbuch - cn(s)<->en,de Online ja
The Free Dictionary - cn(s)<->cn(s) online yes
Thesaurus Linguae Sericae (TLS) - cn(t)<->en local no
Wenlin 文林 cn(s+t)<->en,de local yes
YellowBridge Chinese-English Talking DictionaryInfo

YellowBridge Chinese-English Talking Dictionary


Comprehensive Chinese-English Talking Dictionary. Features word and character decomposition, pronunciation, etymologial data and more.

Link: YellowBridge Dictionary
Language: en, cn(s)
Type of resource:Dictionary
黄桥 cn(s+t)<->en Online yes
Youdao DictionaryInfo

Youdao Dictionary


Online Dictionary that pools together results from various sources. It is also possible to search for phrases and entire sentences with Youdao Dictionary as the search includes many bilingual websites.

Link: Youdao Dictionary
Language: en, cn(s)
Type of resource:Dictionary
有道词典 cn(s+t)<->en Online yes


Japanese dictionaries


title jap. title lang. access exam
Bibiko - jp->en online -
E-J Aviation Dictionary


jp<->en online -
GOO J-E Dictionary - jp->en online -
Jim Breen's WWW JDIC Server - jp->en online - - jp<->en online -
Kanji Dictionary - jp->en online -
Wadoku - jp->de online -


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