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East Asian Library

Collections: Chinese Studies | Japanese Studies | East Asian Art History

East Asian Library

BuchrueckenThe East Asian Library (BOA) at Heidelberg University was established in 2009 from the libraries of East Asian Art History, Japanese Studies and Chinese Studies. With holdings of some 240,000 volumes and a rich array of other resources BOA is one of the largest East Asian media centres in Germany. [More…]

Opening hours

Japanese Studies:
Mon - Fri: 10-18 h

Winter break:
Mon/Wed/Fri: 11-15 h

East Asian Art History:
Mon - Thu: 11-18 h
(16-18 h no lending service)
Fri: 11-16 h
(14-16 h no lending service)

Winter break:
Tue - Thu: 11-18 h
(16-18 h no lending service)

Chinese Studies:
Mon - Fri: 9-19 h
Sat: 12-17 h

Winter break:
Mon - Fri: 12-17 h

Reduced opening hours during winter break

dbtDuring winter break (11.02.2018-15.04.2018) opening hours of the libraries are reduced (see opening hours box above). An overview of our holidays and semester break periods can be found at the "Holidays and Reduced Opening Hours" page.

New acquisitions

Shi jie shi gang - 3. Wells, H. G.: Shi jie shi gang
- . -
[China]: [Verlag nicht ermittelbar], [2012?]. - 4, 97 Seiten : Illustrationen, Pläne
Signatur: <SI> AC149.M564 J532::2699

Xian keng - Di 1 bu. Kuprin, Aleksandr I.: Xian keng
- . -
[China]: [Verlag nicht ermittelbar], [2012?]. - 165 Seiten : Illustrationen
Signatur: <SI> AC149.M564 J532::2961

Xin, Zhanshan: Xin Zhan shan kao gu wen ji Xin, Zhanshan: / Xin Zhan shan. - Di 1 ban. -
Shen yang: Liao ning ren min chu ban she, 2017. - 338 Seiten : Illustrationen
ISBN 978-7-205-08854-5
ISBN 7-205-08854-2
辛占山 [VerfasserIn]: 辛占山考古文集 / 辛占山. - 第1版. -
沈阳: 辽宁人民出版社, 2017
Signatur: <SI> DS797.62.A2 X56 2017

Yan cheng : 1958-2000 nian kao gu fa jue bao gao / Nan jing bo wu yuan, Chang zhou bo wu guan, Yan cheng lü you qu guan li wei yuan hui, Yan cheng bu wu guan bian zhu. - Di yi ban. -
Bei jing: Ke xue chu ban she, 2014. - xiv, 217Seiten
ISBN 978-7-03-042632-1
ISBN 7-03-042632-0
淹城 : 1958-2000年考古发掘报告 / 南京博物院, 常州博物馆, 淹城旅游区管理委员会, 淹城博物馆编著. - 第一版. -
北京: 科学出版社, 2014
Signatur: <SI> DS797.56.C393 Y36 2014

Xi qiao shan yi zhi kao gu yan jiu - Xia. Xi qiao shan yi zhi kao gu yan jiu
- . - Di 1 ban. -
Gui lin: Guang xi shi fan da xue chu ban she, 2015. - Seiten 377 - 769 Seiten : Illustrationen
下西樵山遗址考古研究. - 第1版. -
桂林: 广西师范大学出版社, 2015年10月
Signatur: <SI> DS797.32.F6263 Y59 2015::2

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