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fulltext databases This list of databases provides evaluation of and access to fulltext databases available at our institute. Development of an extensive database including important resources at other places around the world is in preparation. See the list of selected online-resources for a short overview. A number of resources are available within Heidelberg campus, see the list of Online accessible databases for more information. There is also a List of e-Journals available.
IGCS To search for other resources on the Wold Wide Web please visit the Internet Guide for China Studies, including On-line Journals, News Media, Film Resources, etc.
EVOCS Use our European Virtual OPAC for Chinese Studies to search the holdings of major Sinological libraries in Europe.
DACHS We are also building a Digital Archive for Chinese Studies of Web resources from China that may serve as a collection of interesting snapshots of the Chinese Web (BBS, dissident Web sites, etc.), and of Web resources about China (databases, reports, etc). For copyright and security reasons access is restricted. Please contact our librarian for more information.
Library You might also wish to proceed to our library section for information on and access to our various holdings.


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