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Zui sheng meng si / dao yan Zhang Zuo ji ; yan chu Li Hong qi, Lü Xuefeng, Zheng Renshuo. -
Hong Kong: Edko Films Ltd., [2015?]. - 1 DVD-Video (106 Minuten) : Regionalcode: 3
醉生夢死 / 導演張作驥 ; 演出李鴻其, 呂雪鳳, 鄭人碩
Signatur: <SI> DVD001.502


Plot overview: They live in an old house on the fringe of Taipei City: Rat and his elder gay brother Shanghe. Two brothers look for jobs to survive while search for themselves and long for a foothold in life. The younger works at market where he meets a mute woman who gets up to all sorts of craziness. The elder is attracted to a nightclub dancer and finds himself drawn into shifty business.

Du La la sheng zhi ji / dao yan Chen Ming zhang ; zhu yan Wang Luo dan, Li Guang jie. -
Shang hai: Lu xiang gong si, 2010. - 2 DVD-Videos
杜拉拉升职记 / 导演陈铭章 ; 主演王珞丹, 李光洁. -
上海: 录像公司, 2010
Signatur: <SI> DVD001.505


Da tong / dao yan Zhou Hao. -
Hong Kong: Deltamac, [2014?]. - 1 DVD-Video (86 Minuten) : Regionalcode: 3
大同 / 導演周浩
Signatur: <SI> DVD001.503


Plot overview: Once the thriving capital of Imperial China, the city of Datong now lies in near ruins. Not only is it the most polluted city in the country, it is also crippled by decrepit infrastructure and even shakier economic prospects. But Mayor Geng Tanbo plans to change all that, announcing a bold, new plan to return Datong to its former glory, the cultural haven it was some 1,600 years ago. Such declarations, however, come at a devastatingly high cost. Thousands of homes are to be bulldozed, and a half-million of its residents (30 percent of Datong’s total population) will be relocated under his watch. Whether he succeeds depends entirely on his ability to calm swarms of furious workers and an increasingly perturbed ruling elite. The Chinese Mayor captures, with remarkable access, a man and, by extension, a country leaping frantically into an increasingly unstable future.

Qin mi di ren / dao yan Xu Jing lei ;. -
Guang zhou: De jin wen hua, 2011. - 1 DVD-Video (95 Minuten)
ISBN 978-7-88086-247-8
亲密敌人 / 导演徐静蕾 ; 领先主演黄立行, 徐静蕾, 赵宝刚,. -
广州: 得金文化, 2011
Signatur: <SI> DVD001.504


Plot overview: Hong Kong, the present day. With the lithium market in a dip, UA Capital Investment Banking, led by hotshot managing director Derek Lee (Stanley Huang), brokers a merger offer to Brandon Mining, one of the world's big three lithium producers along with Anchor Exploration and Clayton Global. Investigative journalist Henry Ma (Aarif Lee), who runs financial blog Golden Touch, gets wind of the plan and makes it public. UA';s client is believed to be Anchor, and Brandon';s CEO Owen (Michael Wong) considers it a hostile takeover. His financial advisor is Derek';s onetime lover, Amy Liang (Xu Jinglei), associate managing director of Global Alliance Investment Banking, who finally split up with Derek

Wolf warrior 2 / Director: Wu Jing ; Actors: Wu Jing, Frank Grillo, Celina Jade. -
[Plano]: Well Go USA, 2017. - 1 DVD-Video (124 Minuten) : NTSC, Regionalcode: 1
Signatur: <SI> DVD001.499


Plot overview: China's deadliest special forces operative settles into a quiet life on the sea. When sadistic mercenaries begin targeting nearby civilians, he must leave his newfound peace behind and return to his duties as a soldier and protector.

Tharlo / a film by Pema Tsede ; [Actor: Shide Nyima]. -
[Nicht angegeben]: Icarus Films, 2017. - 1 DVD-Video (123 Minuten) : NTSC, Regionalcode: 1
Signatur: <SI> DVD001.500


Plot overview: Tharlo is an orphan. Now grown up, he makes a living as a sheep herder in the village. He has grown a ponytail, so people simply call him “Ponytail”, since nobody remembers his real name anyway. Tharlo has a remarkable memory. He remembers so many things, except his own name. He is now in his forties, and he has yet to have his first woman. Now Tharlo goes to town to take a photo for his identity card. He meets a girl in the barber’s shop who changes the course of his life. He embarks on the journey to find his true self. He sells all his sheep and those entrusted by other villagers to him for care, and decides to use the money to go out into the world with the girl, only to find himself being deceived and cheated by her. Ironically, in his journey of self-discovery, Tharlo has lost his sense of self. As he witnesses in the mirror his ponytail being cut off and leaving him bald, he can no longer see himself as a man with a history that he recognizes.

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