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Wolf warrior 2 / Director: Wu Jing ; Actors: Wu Jing, Frank Grillo, Celina Jade. -
[Plano]: Well Go USA, 2017. - 1 DVD-Video (124 Minuten) : NTSC, Regionalcode: 1
Signatur: <SI> DVD001.499


Plot overview: China's deadliest special forces operative settles into a quiet life on the sea. When sadistic mercenaries begin targeting nearby civilians, he must leave his newfound peace behind and return to his duties as a soldier and protector.

Tharlo / a film by Pema Tsede ; [Actor: Shide Nyima]. -
[Nicht angegeben]: Icarus Films, 2017. - 1 DVD-Video (123 Minuten) : NTSC, Regionalcode: 1
Signatur: <SI> DVD001.500


Plot overview: Tharlo is an orphan. Now grown up, he makes a living as a sheep herder in the village. He has grown a ponytail, so people simply call him “Ponytail”, since nobody remembers his real name anyway. Tharlo has a remarkable memory. He remembers so many things, except his own name. He is now in his forties, and he has yet to have his first woman. Now Tharlo goes to town to take a photo for his identity card. He meets a girl in the barber’s shop who changes the course of his life. He embarks on the journey to find his true self. He sells all his sheep and those entrusted by other villagers to him for care, and decides to use the money to go out into the world with the girl, only to find himself being deceived and cheated by her. Ironically, in his journey of self-discovery, Tharlo has lost his sense of self. As he witnesses in the mirror his ponytail being cut off and leaving him bald, he can no longer see himself as a man with a history that he recognizes.

Im Strahl der Sonne / Regisseur: Vitaly Mansky. -
[Nicht angegeben]: Salzgeber & Co. Medien GmbH, 2016. - 1 DVD-Video (90 Minuten) : Regionalcode: 2
Signatur: <SI> DVD001.501


Okinawasen zenkiroku . -
Tōkyō: NHK Entāpuraizu, 2016
沖縄戦全記錄. -
東京: NHKエンタープライズ, 2016
Signatur: <JA> DVD004.006


Tokkō : naze kakudaishitanoka. -
Tōkyō: NHK Entāpuraizu, 2016
特攻 : なぜ拡大したのか. -
東京: NHKエンタープライズ, 2016
Signatur: <JA> DVD004.004


Yasukuni Jinja : senryōka no shirarezaru kōbō. -
Tōkyō: NHK Entāpuraizu, 2010. - 1 videodisc (58 min.) : sound, color
靖国神社 : 占領下の知られざる攻防 / 制作・著作NHK ; ディレクター中村直文. -
東京: NHKエンタープライズ, 2010
Signatur: <JA> DVD004.002


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