SHAN e.V. Sinologie in den Beruf presents: Preparation for interview - from anxiety to better chances

With Yongbin He from SAP


When? Thursday, 27.07.2023 at 6.15 pm


Where? CATS-Hörsaal 5 (010.01.05), Voßstraße 2, 69115 Heidelberg


Dear SHAN members and students,

We are looking forward to welcoming Yongbin He from SAP on Thursday, July 27th 2023. He will offer us some insides into job interview from the perspective of years of experience as an interviewer. The talk will be in English and Chinese.


Even though currently it is reported that in Germany many job vacancies are to be filled, it remains a challenging or even thrilling experience for many new graduates to secure a good job that fits personal expectation. In this session we will discuss and share together some practical points of view on how to prepare to get an interview opportunity, and how to prepare for an interview, with interactive feedbacks as well from the audience.


About the speaker:

Mr. Yongbin He is an enthusiastic localization expert and has worked for 20+ years in an international enterprise software company for localization of software products for many countries around the globe. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Physics from Peking University, China, and works currently as senior manager overseeing software research and development teams.

Yongbin He SAP
Yongbin He SAP

An open dinner will be held after the talk. We welcome donations! Please contact us if you plan to take part.


Your SHAN-Team (Sinologie in den Beruf)


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