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Katharina Rode


Katharina Rode-Kaya M.A.

Professional Career

2021 Submission of doctoral thesis: Rejuvenating the Past—Kawabata Gyokushō (1842-1913) and the Multiplicity of Painting Practices
2019 – Assistant Professor for Japanese Art History, Institute for East Asian Art History, Heidelberg University
2018 – 2019 Scholarship of the Geschwister-Supp-Stiftung
Oct 2016 – 2018 Graduate Studies at the Cluster, Heidelberg University
Member of Research Area D: Historicities & Heritage
2015 – 2016 Field studies at Gakushūin University, Tokyo, with MEXT scholarship.
Japanese supervisor: Prof. Sano Midori
2014 – 2015

Project Coordinator - Field of Focus 3: Pilot study to optimize digital presentations of movable image and text formats

Direct link to project:

2014 – 2018

Start of dissertation project within the GPTS 6 (Graduate School for Transcultural Studies; initial abstract) framework.
Supervisor: Prof. Melanie Trede, Prof. Monica Juneja

Heidelberg University Didactics Certificate

2013 Graduation as Magistra Artium in East Asian Art History and Japanese Studies.
Magister thesis title: Fusing Past and Present: Aida Makoto, Yamaguchi Akira and Ikeda Manabu
Supervisor: Prof. Melanie Trede
2009 – 2010 Exchange student at the Tokyo Gakugei University with JASSO full scholarship.
2006 Enrolled in Heidelberg University
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