Takagishi Akira

Student's assessments

“I have attended both lecture and seminar on Medieval Picture Scrolls and Premodern Japanese Landscape Painting by the Ishibashi visiting Prof. Takagishi this term, and I found both of the classes very inspiring and interesting. I especially liked how Prof. Takagishi introduced the historical and social backgrounds of particular art pieces in the context of the time when they were created, and explained the general cross-time tendencies of genre and style developments. I liked very much the analysis of “Shigisan engi emaki” in the picture scroll seminar, and the connections of this scroll to Japan’s religious history and contemporary geography which Prof. Takagishi has discussed in the class. Another important part of the class for me was when Prof. Takagishi introduced the latest state of research on the topics of the classes, and commented on the most recent articles and books about picture scrolls and landscapes paintings published in Japan.”

Eugenia Bogdanowa, MA student in Japanese Art History

“Professor Takagishi´s lecture about emaki was very enlightening and inspiring. After a brief historical overview and a short instruction on how to handle emaki, he discussed several scrolls in great detail. While showing us the scrolls he explained the story that was depicted and paid special attention to point out iconographic and stylistic distinctive features of each scroll. Lastly, he discussed in what way emaki were researched to this day and showed us the most important books on Japanese scrolls, which was most helpful.
Unfortunately we only had three meetings, but in this short time Professor Takagishi managed to share a huge amount of knowledge.”

Nicole Dahley, M.A. student

“I really enjoyed Mr. Takagishis lecture, for he explained everything so clearly. The fact, that he depicted everything he said on the picturescrolls helped me to understand him perfectly, even though I don't speak Japanese. And I really liked the fact, that Mr. Takagishi actually travelled to most of the locations, where the picturescrolls' stories took place. It was very interesting to see the comparison between the real location and the visualization in the picturescrolls.”

Fleur Ridinger

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