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Why study Chinese Studies at Heidelberg University?

Heidelberg offers

  1. an intensive language preparatory course with teachers from the People's Republic of China and Taiwan - you can very quickly and efficiently learn traditional and simplified characters as well as modern and classical Chinese!
  2. a broad range of content with 6 different focus professorships that locate China globally as well as in the context of East Asia.
  3. Opportunities to pass on what you have learned in practice and acquire didactic skills in the process. (including China School Academy, school team)
  4. Wide range of activities also on Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea, and lessons in all three languages.
  5. Many exciting research projects and activities, e.g. Echowall, Worldmaking, Enmity
  6. Cantonese courses offered


I am studying Chinese Studies in Heidelberg because...

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Theater performances after 1st semester

Theater performances after 2nd semester

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