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Why study Chinese Studies at Heidelberg University?

Heidelberg offers

  1. individual placement according to your language proficiency (Vorkurs) and intensive studying in small groups on all levels (Propädeutikum, Sprachkurse wie Übersetzen und Dolmetschen, Theaterspiel etc.), as well as a large number of scholarships for stays in the PRC (Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hong Kong) and Taiwan. After finishing your Bachelor's degree you will have a language proficiency equivalent to HSK 6 and TOFCL 5. You will be trained in both simplified and traditional Chinese Characters, which prepares you for a career in a wide variety of professions.
  2. all-round, intensive and individual support for everyone from BA- to (post-) Ph.D. students: 5 professorships focusing on classical and modern chinese culture (Prof. Giele & Prof. Mittler), history and intellectual history (Prof. Müller-Saini & Prof. Kurtz), as well as politics, economy and society (Jun. Prof. Senz).
  3. a concentrated study of China, not isolated but in its interactions with East Asia (BA Ostasienwissenschaften mit Schwerpunkt Sinologie, Taiwan Lecture Series) and in a global context (Exzellenzcluster "Asien und Europa" im Globalen Kontext).

I am studying Chinese Studies in Heidelberg because...

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