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Past projects

Current Projects

  • Chinese perceptions of Russia and the West during the 20th century: changes, continuities, and contingencies
    Time Frame: 2017-2020
    Financend by: DFG (DFG-RGNF)
    Project supervisor: Müller-Saini, Gotelind (Prof. Dr.)
  • No Parallel? The Fatherly Bodies of Gandhi and Mao
    Time Frame: 2016-2019
    Financed by: Humboldt Stiftung
    Project supervisor: Barbara Mittler (Prof.Dr.), Sumathi Ramaswamy (Prof. Dr.), Christiane Brosius (Prof. Dr.), Monica Juneja (Prof. Dr.)
  • HERA: East Asian Uses of the European Past: Tracing Braided Chronotypes
    Time Frame: 2016-2019
    Financend by: HERA - Humanities in the European Research Area
    Project supervisor: Kurtz, Joachim (Prof.Dr.)
  • Regulation und Furcht: Zur Klassifikation von Cyberangriffen weltweit
    Time Frame: 2016-2018
    Financed by: Field of Focus 4, Universität Heidelberg
    Project supervisor: Anja Senz (Prof. Dr.), Sebastian Harnisch (Prof. Dr.), Vincent Heuveline (Prof. Dr.)
  • From Periphery to Centre? Socio-political and Economic Dynamics in the Borderlands of China, Myanmar and India
    Time Frame: 2016-2018
    Project supervisor: Anja Senz (Prof. Dr.)
  • Taiwan Studies Project: “Reading Taiwan, Living Taiwan, Understanding Taiwan”
    Time Frame: 2015-2018
    Financed by: Taiwan Minstry of Education
    Project supervisor: Barbara Mittler (Prof. Dr.)
  • Bamboo and Wood as Writing Materials in Early China
    Time Frame: 2015-2019
    Financed by: DFG (SFB 933)
    Project supervisor: Enno Giele (Prof.Dr.)
    Project staff: Thies Staack (Dr.)
  • Environments, people and mining in the Far Southwest of China since 1500: Cross-disciplinary explorations
    Time Frame: 2015-2018
    Project supervisor: Nanny Kim (Dr.)
    Project staff: Nanny Kim (Dr.)
  • Representations of History in Chinese Film and Television
    Time Frame: 2007 -
    Financed by: Heinz-Götze-Foundation
    Project supervisor: Müller-Saini, Gotelind (Prof. Dr.)

  • Popular Culture Group
    (Research Group made up of PhD Candidates receiving different types of funding) 
    Time Frame: 2005 - 
    Financed by (among others): Supp-Stiftung, Stiftung Baden-Wuerttemberg, Universität Heidelberg, LEA 
    Project supervisor: Mittler, Barbara (Prof. Dr.) 
    Project staff: see website

Past Projects

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