At Heidelberg University

  • Reading and translation course “Chinese Politics” (Fachsprache Chinesische Politik) (B.A. level) – Summer semester 2020
  • Reading and translation course “Chinese Economy” (Fachsprache Chinesische Wirtschaft) (B.A. level) – since winter semester 2014/15
  • Critical Reading and Policy Analysis “Chinese foreign aid – How much more can we understand if we understand Chinese?” (M.A. level) - Winter semester 2016/17
  • Seminar “China’s Economic Cooperation with Developing Countries”; joint seminar with Dr. Andreas Fuchs, Economics Department (B.A. level) - Sommer semester 2015
  • Seminar “China and International Relations Theory: The Perspective from Taiwan” (Taiwan Lecture Series); joint seminar with Prof. Shih Chih-yu, National Taiwan University (M.A. level) - Winter semester 2014/15
  • Reading and translation course “Policy Guidelines for Economic and Environmental Development in the 12th Five Year Plan” (B.A. level) - Summer semester 2014
  • Seminar “China’s Energy Security Policy” (B.A. level) - Summer semester 2009

At other institutions

  • Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW): Integration Seminar “China’s New Silk Road” (Chinas neue Seidenstrasse) (B.A. level) – Winter semester 2019/20
  • University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt: “Introduction to China’s Economic and Society” (Einführung in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Chinas) (B.A. level) – Winter semester 2014/15, 2015/16
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