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Short Bio

Maxim Korolkov studied history and sinology at Moscow State University, Peking University, and Columbia University. His PhD dissertation “Empire-Building and Market-Making at the Qin Frontier: Imperial Expansion and Economic Change, 221–207 BCE” explores the economic aspects of imperial state formation in China during the Warring States, Qin, and Han periods. Before joining the Heidelberg University’s Institute of Chinese Studies, Maxim taught and conducted research at Columbia University, Russian Academy of Sciences, Kyoto University, and Wuhan University. His book, The Imperial Network in Ancient China: The Foundation of Sinitic Empire in Southern East Asia, published with Routledge in 2021, seeks to re-define the geographical frameworks for understanding East Asian history through re-visiting the expansion of Sinitic polities south of the Yangzi River in the late first millennium BCE.

Research Interests

  • Economic history of early China
  • Empire-building in ancient and early medieval China
  • Excavated manuscripts
  • Archaeology of China and Inner Asia
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