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ISHIBASHI Hiroshi awarded the University Medal

On November 26th, 2010, Mr. ISHIBASHI Hiroshi, President of the Ishibashi Foundation, was awarded the Heidelberg University Medal in Tokyo.


Prof. Dr. Melanie Trede überreicht die Universitätsmedaille an Ishibashi Hiroshi, Foto: Mio Wakita
Prof. Dr. Melanie Trede presents the University Medal to Ishibashi Hiroshi
Photo: Mio Wakita

Heidelberg University honored Mr. Ishibashi’s dedication to enhance internationalization, improve the quality in teaching and research and develop the scientific exchange between Germany and Japan.
In his capacity as President of the Ishibashi Foundation, Mr. Ishibashi sponsors annually two visiting professorships for Japanese Art History at the Institute of East Asian Art History, Heidelberg University since 2005. A number of renowned art historians from Japan, Europe and the United States are regularly invited each semester for anything between four to eight weeks. They teach a lecture and a seminar, conduct a field trip and give a public lecture. In addition to discussions of the latest art historical approaches and findings from the Heian-period (794-1185) to the present, ranging from architecture and painting up to manga and contemporary design, students are exposed to the study of original objects on site and learn how to handle Japanese works of art. New contacts are thereby created not only for the Institute and the public, but also for the students, a number of whom gained access to Japanese collections or were introduced to other experts in the field by Ishibashi-visiting professors.

Among the prominent visiting professors were Jaqueline Berndt (Seika University, Kyoto), John Carpenter (SOAS, London), Yukio Lippit (Harvard University), Nakamachi Keiko (Jissen Women’s University, Tokyo), Suzuki Hiroyuki (Gakugei University, Tokyo), Tamamushi Satoko (Musashino Art University, Tokyo) and Gennifer Weisenfeld (Duke University).

For further information of the Ishibashi-visiting professors please visit
http://iko.uni-hd.de/institut/staff.html und http://iko.uni-hd.de/institut/vprofessors.html

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