Margarete Pruech

Dr. Margarete Prüch


Dr. Margarete Prüch
Research Associate, Postdoc



Research interest

  • Lacquer from the 5th century B.C. to the 3rd century A.D.
  • East Asian Archaeology from 5th century B.C. to the 9th century A.D.
  • Tombs and burial sites from the Zhanguo period to the Han-Dynasty
  • Material culture in China, Korea, Japan and the Silk Road
  • Cultural exchange in the Eurasian regions of the steppes to the Black Sea


Courses in winter semester 2013/14

Ex Excursion: "Crimea - Golden Island in the Black Sea and Cultural Hub between East Asia and the Mediterranean Area"



  • SEAA, Society for East Asian Archaeology
  • EAAA, European Assosiation for Asian Art and Archaeology


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