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Anap Lake (South Korea)

Prof. Dr. Marion Eggert

Marion Eggert is professor at, and chair of, the Korean Studies department at Bochum University, Germany (since 1999). She studied Sinology, Japanology and cultural anthropology at the universities of Heidelberg and Munich in Germany and at Nanjing University in China. During another year as an exchange student at Sŏnggyun'gwan University, Seoul, she began her studies in Korean history of ideas. Having earned both M.A. (1989) and PhD (1992) in Chinese literature at Munich University, she spent a year as post-doctoral fellow at Harvard's Korea Institute (1994-95). In 1998 she earned the venia legendi (professorship qualification) for Chinese and Korean Studies at Munich University.
Her research interests focus on the Korean history of ideas, espescially of Chosŏn times as well as hanmun literature and modern Korean literature. Furthermore, she is interested in Korean self-positioning in her surrounding world and Korean-Chinese cultural connections.


Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Frank

Rüdiger Frank is Professor of East Asian Economy and Society. Since October 2008 he has been the Vice Director of the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Vienna. From August 2007 until September 2008 he directed the Vienna School of Governance. He holds an M.A. degree in Korean Studies, Economics and International Relations and a PhD in Economics. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Korea University GSIS and at the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul, as well as a Research Associate of the Modern East Asia Research Centre (MEARC) in Leiden.
His current research focuses on the role of the state in the transformation of socialism in East Asia, in particular North Korea, with a comparative view on the Eastern European experience.


Dr. James Lewis

James Lewis is lecturer in Korean History at the Faculty of Oriental Studies of Oxford University and fellow at Wolfson College. His research interests focus on the history of Korean-Japanese relations prior to 1850, the cultural, economic, and social histories of premodern Korea and Japan as well as the environmental and epidemiological history of East Asia. He is preparing a monograph entitled, An Economic History of Korea, 1400 to 1900.


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