Director of Studies:
Prof. Dr. Harald Fuess

Doctoral Students

Heidelberg to Kyoto
(2012-13, scholarship source):
Björn-Ole Kamm (GCOE)
Till Knaudt (JSPS)
Ronald Po (BW plus)
Lisette Schouten (BW plus)
Ann-Sophie Schopfel (BW plus)
Wolfgang Bäcker (BW plus)

Kyoto to Heidelberg
(2012, scholarship source):
Satoshi Iguchi (BW plus)


Jaok Kwon-Hein, from Heidelberg (2012)

Visiting Faculty

2011 - 2014:

Ito Kimio (Kyoto)
Hattori Yoshihisa (Kyoto)
Tarohmaru Hiroshi (Kyoto)
Harald Fuess (Heidelberg)
Christian Goebel (Heidelberg)


Joint PhD Programme Kyoto Heidelberg

 Kyoto Hd Phd

The HeKKSaGON Joint PhD programme at Heidelberg University, Germany, and Kyoto University, Japan, is a doctoral programme offering international access to interdisciplinary research environments. Students participating in the programme in Heidelberg are affiliated with the Faculty of Philosophy and the Excellence Cluster “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” and will spend 3 to 12 months at Kyoto University supervised by professors of the Faculty of Letters and the “Kyoto Asian Studies Unit - KUASU“. For this purpose, KUASU offers students with high quality PhD projects a scholarship within its Asian ERASMUS programme.

Heidelberg University and Kyoto University can supervise a broad range of research areas in the social sciences and the humanities; they welcome applications from prospective students with research interests in fields related to History, Politics, Society, Law, and Economics of Japan and East Asia.

Both institutions are members of the “HeKKSaGOn-Consortium”, an alliance of six leading Japanese and German universities that aims to improve collaboration in research and teaching, to initiate joint research projects and graduate programmes, and to support the exchange of scholars, scientists, postgraduate students and doctoral candidates.

Heidelberg Application deadline for starting studies during the winter semester: 15 February.
Application documents: Cover letter, curriculum vitae, thesis abstract of planned dissertation (3-5 pages), certificates/transcript of records, letters of reference from 2 professors.

Email for Applications:

Due to the number of exchange programmes that we have, please include the reference "Kyoto Joint PhD" in your mails. 


Kyoto University receives "Re-Inventing Japan" grant from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science for the cooperation with Heidelberg (as of October 2012).

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