Sinologie in den Beruf mit dem Zhongguancun 中关村 Innovation Hub

  • Wann? 14. November 2022 ab 19 Uhr
  • Wo? Hörsaal 5, CATS, Voßstr. 2, Heidelberg (4010.01.05)

Über die Veranstaltungsreihe:

Sinologie studiert – und was dann? SHAN e.V. lädt in regelmäßigen Abständen ehemalige Sinologie-Student:innen ein, die von ihrem Werdegang sprechen und Ihre Fragen zur Karriereplanung beantworten. Alle Studierende und Interessierte sind herzlich willkommen.

Über die Referenten:

大家好,海德堡汉学系校友网此次有幸邀请到了中国最具活力的国家级自主创新示范区的代表、中关村德国创新中心CEO 荀菲女士来到我们的大学。在本此讲座中,荀菲女士首先将介绍北京创新生态环境以及国际人才在北京的就业前景和生活状况,除此之外,荀菲女士还将也就自己取得的事业成就向大家进行分享,并将为同学们进行答疑解惑。对此方面有兴趣的同学们欢迎踊跃参加。

Introduction of Innovation Ecosystem in Beijing

Brief Introduction: The German office of Beijing Zhongguancun, which is China's most dynamic science park and location of quantity of first-class universities and research institutions, will give Chinese Studies students at University Heidelberg a glance of innovation ecosystem in Beijing. We would also share the job prospects and opportunities of international talents in Beijing.

Xun Fei (CEO) Zhongguancun Innovation LabÜber die Referentin und den Referenten:

Xun Fei 荀菲, CEO, Zhongguancun 中关村 Innovation Hub


中关村国家自主创新示范区海德堡联络处主任, 中关村德国创新中心CEO


目前荀菲女士作为z-park 的代表在德国开展工作,同时负责创新中心的运营,她和她同事的身后是中国最具活力的高新技术园区和创新示范园区30年发展积累的宝贵经验和2万家高新技术企业的深厚资源。

Ms. XUN Fei 

Director of Heidelberg Liaison Office of Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone, CEO of Zhongguancun German Innovation Center.

With 20 years of working experience in Beijing government agency, large state-owned enterprises and private company, she has an in-depth understanding of Chinese government policy, international exchange programs and business management.

Now she locates in Germany and works as representative of Z-Parks, which is known as “China Silicon Valley” with over 30 years of history. She and her team are committed to Sino-German technological innovation cooperations. Behind her and her colleagues are the valuable experience accumulated over 30 years of development in China's most dynamic high-tech park and innovation demonstration park and the resources of 20,000 high-tech enterprises.

Gerhard Witte, Senior Director Project Management & Management Consulting, TEAMWILLE GmbHHerr Witte

Through his many years of employment in globally active electronics and mechatronics companies, holding various management positions, Gerhard Witte has acquired intensive hands-on working and living experience in China.

In his role as the Director of Project Management China, Mr Witte lived and worked in Beijing for about 5 years to lead the manufacturing plant to an advanced project management orientated organization, resulting in the successful execution of projects with high efficiency and fast time-to-market and attractive profit.

Mr Witte is member of various associations related to Sino-German relationship. He is actively supporting the business co-operation and friendship between China and Germany.

Mr Witte will talk about his work and live experience of his time in Beijing.

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