Dr. Paul Nicholas Vogt

Assistant Professor, Early China

Institute of Chinese Studies, Heidelberg

Office: Building 3012, R 104
Tel.: +49 (06221) 54-7678
E-Mail: E-Mail nicholas.vogt [at] zo.uni-heidelberg.de
Office hours: see Externer Inhaltcontact details and consultation hours


Research interests

Nick Vogt’s research focuses on the cultural and religious history of early China, with an emphasis on the connections between identities, ritual practices, and objects.  Paleographical materials, including both inscribed bronze vessels and excavated manuscripts, form a key part of his work.  Areas of special interest include early conceptions of kingship; approaches to securing individual legacies; the archaeology of religion in early China; the history of early Chinese ritual; and the characterization of the Zhou royal house and its methods both before and after the formation of the classical canon.  His current monograph project explores the royal ritual of the Western Zhou era (ca. 11th-8th c. BCE) based on contemporary bronze inscriptions.

Nick joined the faculty of the Institute for Sinology at Heidelberg in 2012, after receiving his Ph.D. from the History-East Asia program of the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University.

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