• April 2007 Sinologie Bochum
    Semiotics of Text in Classical Chinese Drama
  • September 2007 DOT 31, Freiburg
    Das Textspiel in der Gattung Yuan zaju
  • September 2010, DOT 32, Marburg
    Jenseits der Metaphysik: zu Qian Zhongshus Theorie der Metapher
  • September 2010, DOT 32, Marburg
    Barbarisms in Classical Chinese Drama
  • Dezember 2010, Universität Zürich Konferenz „What is Philosophy?“
    Moving the Target to Catch an Arrow: Qian Zhongshu‘s View of Analogies and Metaphors in Philosophical Reasoning
  • Oktober 2011, Zürich UFSP “Asien und Europa”
     Zur Verortung der Religion bei der Begriffsbestimmung der Diglossie
  • Dezember 2012, Sinologie Leipzig
    Instrumentalisierung der Zweisprachigkeit: wenyan/baihua in historischer Perspektive (Schwerpunkt – die Song-Yuan Zeit)
  • Dezember 2012, DVCS Berlin
    Hu Shis Renaissance: Diskurs-Metamorphosen im Dialog zwischen China und dem Westen
  • April 2013, Zürich UFSP„Asien und Europa“
    Reinkarnierte Begrifflichkeit: Das andere Leben der westlichen Philosophie im Werk Hu Shis und Qian Zhongshus
  • September 2013, DOT 33 Münster
    Diglossia vs. Bilingualism: a terminological issue (on the language situation in Kiev/Moscow Rus’ and China in the Song-Ming Dynasties)
  • April 2014, Sinologie Bonn
    On Pigs in the Weeds and Obstacle Courses: Approaching Irony in Max Weber’s Study on China
  • April 2015, Sinologie St Petersburg
    On the Anthropology of Culture in Max Weber’s Study on China
  • September 2015, DVCS Bochum “Bu yu 不語, bu jiang 不講 — Worüber man nicht spricht“
    Politically correct: von philosophischen Entgleisungen zu einer gereinigten Philosophie
  • Juli 2016 Tokyo, Meiji Daigaku
    Style as a Medium of Translation: Wang Yangming’s 王陽明 Zun jing ge ji 尊經閣紀and Chuanxilu 傳習錄
  • August 2016 St Petersburg, EACS 21
    Coming to Terms with Evil
  • Januar 2017 Paris "Intralingual Translation, Diglossia and the Rise of Vernaculars in East Asian Classical and Premodern Cultures"
    Chinese language varieties as competing semiotical models: some reflections on the language use in Wang Yangming’s philosophy
  • April 2017 Osaka University
    Dialectics of Light and Darkness in the Huainanzi 淮南子 (「准南子」における光と闇の象徴性 )
  • September 2017, Jena DOT 33
    Organizing and Chairing the Panel "Ex oriente lux: Chinese perspectives on light and darkness"
  • Februar-März 2018, Kyoto University
    World Literature and the Linguistic Vision of the World (fifteen lectures held at Kyodai, School of Liberal Arts)
  • März 2018, Washington, AAS, Panel "Intralingual Translation as an Approach to Yuan-Ming Period Textual Practices"
    Robbing the Canon: Wang Yangming's Critique of Writing
  • September 2018, EACS Glasgow
    A Phenomenology of Language Crises: National Debates about Contemporary Chinese and Russian
  • October 2018, The Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg, Conference "The Russian Theme in World Literature"
    Невозможность зла: китайские прочтения "Мастера и Маргариты" в свете китайской картины мира и китайской истории
  • October 2018, St Petersburg, The Institute of Asian and African Studies
    The Impossibility of Evil: Chinese Readings of The Master and Margarita in the Light of China's Cultural and Political Past
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