Sun Liying (M.A.)

Tel.: (+49-6221) 54 76 77
Fax: (+49-6221) 54 76 39

E-Mail:  liying.sun [at]

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Research Interests

  • Visual culture in Republican and Contemporary China (advertisements, calendar posters, photography, artistic education)
  • Body culture in China in a global context (visual representation of naked bodies, nudism, breasts-(un)binding)
  • Print culture in China and in Europe (Chinese illustrated magazines in a global context, circulation and dissemination of print materials between China and Europe/North America, journal editors' cultural practice)

On-going Research Projects

  • "In the Name of Beauty and Health: Freikörperkultur (Nudism) as a Trend in China (1920s-1930s)", research project for “Rethinking Trends: Transcultural Flows in Global Public(s)".
  • Research on the journal Linglong (Linloon Magazine, 1931-1937) for the project "A New Approach to the Popular Press in China: Gender and Cultural Production, 1904-1937".
  • Joint research on the journal Meiyu (Eyebrow Talk, 1914-1916) with Michel Hockx, SOAS, University of London.

Awards and Scholarships

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