Marina Rudyak, M.A.

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Short Bio

Marina Rudyak studied Modern and Classical Chinese Studies and Public Law at the University of Heidelberg and Shanghai International Studies University. After graduating in 2009 with an M.A. thesis on the China’s Energy Security Policy in Central Asia, she was a policy advisor and program manager with the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) in Beijing. She co-designed and then managed the multi-country project “Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration Asian-China” that provided advisory and capacity building for central and local governments on cross-border economic cooperation and trade. Since 2010, she was also the coordinator of the working group “Regional Economic Integration and Trade” in GIZ’s Sector Network Sustainable Economic Development in Asia. In 2014, she re-joined the Institute of Chinese Studies as an Academic Assistant (Lecturer) and PhD Candidate. She’s presently completing her doctoral dissertation on China’s foreign aid and development cooperation policy, bridging her academic background as a China scholar and her professional background as a development specialist. She is a frequent public commentator and a sought-after speaker on the topics of Chinese aid and China in Africa. She is also the founder of, where she translates and comments on developments in the Chinese aid sphere. She tweets about #ChineseAid @XiaoMali.

Research Interests

  • Chinese foreign aid and South-South Cooperation
  • China-Africa
  • Belt and Road
  • Chinese identity in international relations
  • Regional Economic Cooperation China-Central Asia and China-North East Asia
  • Culture and Development
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