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Access: UNI-ID

You can log on to every computer in public pc-pools at the Centre for East Asian Studies using the URZ-Accounts/UNI-ID of the Universitätsrechenzentrum. By using the UNI-ID every student has the opportunity to log on personalised and will find personal settings and files.

You have to confirm the URZ-Account/UNI-ID personally on the website of the Universitätsrechenzentrum (www.urz.uni-heidelberg.de -> Schnellzugriffe -> Kennung freischalten). In case you encounter problems, please use the information services of the Universitätsrechenzentrums.

Useful links:

You can use Moodle (https://elearning2.uni-heidelberg.de/) with the URZ-Account/UNI-ID as well.

Laptop LAN, WebAccess and eduroam

Private computers such as laptops have internet access through the university wide LaptopLAN (Wifi name: UNI-HEIDELBERG + VPN-Client) or the more and more available WebAccess network (Wifiname: UNI-WEBACCESS + browser login). A short manual how to install the VPN client and set up the connection can be found here.

All associates of other German academic institutions may use the eduroam network to access the internet. More information on eduroam may be found on the URZ webseite Eduroam-Zugang am URZ.

Print, Copy and Scan

Documents can be printed out at the at the pc-pool in the library (R. 213). The respective printer is "RICOH SP 252DN (Ausleihe CN)". The documents are sent to the front desk (R.224), where you may pick them up. One white A4 page costs 5 cents colour 10 cents.

You can scan documents at the copy room in the library (R.211). We advise you not to use the USB port. The data transfer is extremely slow. Please use the "Guest" account in the address book. All scans are sent to the Scan-PC right next to the copy machine. Please delete your scans after copying the files to your personal usb stick.


Equipment hire

Projectors, laptops and other technical equipment can be hired for lectures and presentations at the front desk of the library (R.224). You can book the equipment online. Please log on to the equipment reservation platform using your UNI-ID (students) or AD-working account (staff) and choose the equipment you would like to reserve.
Online reservation (login with UNI-ID or AD-Account)

Further offers


The bwSync&Share service is an online store service for members and students of all universities in Baden-Württemberg. It is provided by the Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie (KIT) since 01.01.2014 and allows users to synchronize/exchange their data between different computers, mobile devices and users. Further information about this service can be found in the user manual (ger).

The service can be used by regular members and students either with the old as well as with the new Uni ID (but not project numbers!).

The maximum storage amount is 10 GB, and there are local clients for Windows and Apple computers available.

To use the service you have to register at:

Externer Inhalthttps://bwidm.scc.kit.edu

Access with your browser and the client download file is available at (requires login via Shibboleth)

Externer Inhalthttps://bwsyncandshare.lsdf.kit.edu/login

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