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BW Sync & Share

The bwSync&Share service is an online store service for members and students of all universities in Baden-Württemberg. It is provided by the Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie (KIT) since 01.01.2014 and allows users to synchronize/exchange their data between different computers, mobile devices and users. Further information about this service can be found in the user manual (ger).

The service can be used by regular members and students either with the old as well as with the new Uni ID (but not project numbers!).

The maximum storage amount is 10 GB, and there are local clients for Windows and Apple computers available.

To use the service you have to register at:

Externer Inhalthttps://bwidm.scc.kit.edu

Access with your browser and the client download file is available at (requires login via Shibboleth)

Externer Inhalthttps://bwsyncandshare.lsdf.kit.edu/login


Heidelberg University acquired a Campus licence for the reference managment Citavi. The software is available to all ZO members and students. Citavi is a Unicode tool to manage references and notes. Learn more at the producer's website.

You may download the application Externer Inhalthere. A University mail address is required.

Citavi runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. There is no special version for MacOS, but it can be used virtualized.

For a short description please click here (ger).


Members and students of the Heidelberg University are allowed to use the reference management software "EndNote" as well as the online software "EndNoteweb" on their private computers (basing on the license contract with the copyright owner "Thomson Reuters"). Downloading the application will bind you to the use restrictions.

The user authorizations ends:

  • After expiration of the contract (currently 2016-03-31)
  • After losing your member status (removal from the registration of students, end of employment)

The application has to be removed from your computer with the end of authorization. For further information and software download please click here.

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