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Katharina Rode


Katharina Rode-Kaya M.A.


Workshop and Conference papers

  • “Negotiating Imitation, Kawabata Gyokushō and… problems with Chinese paintings…”, Heidelberg-Getty Dissertation Workshop 2019 (21 Jul-10 Aug, 2019), Heidelberg University.
  • “Negotiating Realism: Kawabata Gyokushō’s Strive for Modern Japanese Painting”,  IAJS (18-20 Dec 2018), Tel Aviv University.
  • “Copying as Key to the Past – Kawabata Gyokushō and the modernization of the Maruyama School (Kopieren als Schlüssel zur Vergangenheit – Kawabata Gyokushō und die Modernisierung der Maruyama Schule)”, 17. Deutschsprachiger Japanologentag (29-31 Aug 2018), FU Berlin.
  • Co-organizer/Heidelberg represantative, 7th Forum East Asian Art History in German-speaking Countries (1-2 Jun 2018) organized by Vienna University.
  • Kaiga no shōrai – Kawabata Gyokushō, Hashimoto Gahō and the (transcultural) future of Japanese painting”, Eurasian Connections: Heidelberg Graduate Conference (25-26 May 2018), Heidelberg University.
  • Hekksagon Graduate Workshop (15-22 Apr 2018), Kyoto University
  • “Literati Painting for Children: The Painting Manual Kanga dokugaku-fu” EAAA (24-27 Aug 2017), Zurich University.
  • “Between Imitation and Originality: Kawabata Gyokushō’s Painting Practice”, Japanese Art History Workshop for Graduate Students (JAWS) (9-16 Mar 2017), Harvard University and Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
  • “National Treasures for Modern Japan – Protective Legislation, Issues of Cultural Authenticity and the Necessity for a Nationwide Cultural Consciousness”, Annual Conference 2016: Making, Sustaining, Breaking – The Politics Of Heritage And Culture (12-14 Oct 2016), Heidelberg University.
  • Moderation of panel discussion: “Japanese Art in a Global Context” (29 Jul 2016) Gakushūin University.
  • “Avoiding the C-word: Evaluating “reproductive practices” in Japanese painting”, 4th Forum East Asian Art History in German-speaking Countries (29-30 May 2015) organized by Zürich University.
  • “Eloquent terminology: Painting practices in early modern Japanese painting”, Art Histories and Terminologies II (6-7 Feb 2015) organized by Forum Transregionale Studien 'Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices', Cluster of Excellence 'Asia and Europe' and the KHI Florence, Heidelberg University.


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