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Heyryun Koh: Buddhistische Kunst Koreas. Neue Ikonographische Studien anhand des Maitreya vom Typ siwei


Heyryun Koh, Ph.D.




Koh, HeyRyun, Die Ikonographie der Maitreyafigur mit gekreuzten Füßen und des Tusita-Himmels, dargestellt anhand des Sutra von der Visualisierung der Wiedergeburt des Bodhisattva Maitreya im himmlischen Paradies Tusita (Heidelberg 2018)

Full text online available

  Koh HeyRyun, : 미륵과 도솔천의 도상학 (Miluk kwa Dosolcheon ui Dosanghak) Ikonographie der Maitreya Figur and Tusita Heaven (Seoul: Ilzhogak, 2011) pp.379.
  Koh HeyRyun, We read the Civilization by Library (도서관으로 문명을 읽다), Studia Humanitatis 6 (Seoul: Hangilsa 2016)
  Koh HeyRyun; A. Schottenhammer (ed.), Trading Networks in Early Modern East Asia (Harrassowitz Verlag 2010)

Koh HeyRyun; A. Schottenhammer (ed.), The East Asian Maritime World, 1400-1800. Its Fabrics of Power and Dynamics of Exchanges (Harrassowitz, 2007)

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  • PhD. Dissertation. Microfish: “The iconography of the Maitreya figure with crossed legs and Tusita heaven, based on the Sutra about the visualization of the rebirth of the Bodhisattva Maitreya in the heavenly paradise Tusita” (PhD. Dissertation. Microfish: Signatur UB in Heidelberg: 2003 Q 37). Heidelberg: 2003.2
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