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New Research on 19th Century Japanese Print Culture


Date: Friday, 7 June, 2013, 2 – 6 pm
Venue: Karl Jaspers Centre, Room 212, Voßstr. 2, Building 4400, 69115 Heidelberg
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2013 0607 Print-culture

The international workshop “New Research on 19th Century Japanese Print Culture” aims to address critical aspects of and new concepts for Japanese print culture of the nineteenth century. Four international specialists will speak on ukiyo-e, shunga, and photography, and encourage productive discussions across boundaries of genre, media, and institution. 

Speakers will be Matthi Forrer (Leiden, Ishibashi Visiting Professor of Japanese Art History), Maki Fukuoka (Leeds), Doris Croissant (Heidelberg), and Mio Wakita (Heidelberg).

The event is free, and everyone is welcome to attend.





2 pm

Mio Wakita, Heidelberg University
Welcome & Introduction

2.15 pm

Matthi Forrer, Ishibashi guest professor, Heidelberg University
"Marketing of print series in the 1850s and beyond"

3 pm


Doris Croissant, Heidelberg University
Erotic Fantasies at the End of the Edo Period: The Castaway Narrative Stranded on the Island of Women (Nyogo ga shima takara no irifune), illustrated by Utagawa Kunimaro

3.45 pm Kaffeepause

4.15 pm

Maki Fukuoka, University of Leeds
Rethinking the art historical categories in Meiji print culture"

5 pm


Mio Wakita, Heidelberg University
Ukiyo-e prints, photography, and Japanese women: reframing late nineteenth-century Japanese print culture"

5.45 pm

Final discussion, moderated by Melanie Trede, Heidelberg University


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