"The International Heidelberg Colloquies on East Asian Art History" from July 14-17, 2011

After 2006 and 2008, The third international Heidelberg Colloquy on East Asian Art History took place from July 14 – 17 2011. 20 PhD students from Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Schwitzerland, Netherland, UK, Canada and the U.S.A. were invited to attend the Colloquy. On the very first day, all invitees went through “warm up” and “welcoming dinner” to get to know one another. From July 15 to 16, sixteen of invitees presented their research thesis in four panels “objects”, “Painting and Calligraphy”, “Space” and “Religious Art”.

The Colloquy program consisted of presentations and of four workshops. In the workshops PhD students shared books or articles which have recently impressed them most and discussed about the scholarly traditions in Japan, China, Korea, Europe and America which was inspiring to all participants. At the last workshop, participants came to talk about the future of the field and their role in it. Senior professors, Professor Dame Jessica Rawson (University of Oxford), Professor Melanie Trede (Heidelberg University) Professor Craig Clunas (University of Oxford) and Professor Lothar Ledderose (Heidelberg University), encouraged young scholars to broaden their minds and see their researches further in ten and twenty years. Many PhD students were in Europe for the very first time. Most of them took the chance to visit museums, galleries, and libraries and to explore Europe after the Colloquy.

The international Heidelberg Colloquies on East Asian Art History were founded by the International Balzan Foundation. More than fifty PhD students have participated in the Colloquies on East Asian Art History and might be still benefitted by the experiences and exchanges gained at the Colloquies.


2011 0714-17 Heidelberg Colloquies 004 2011 0714-17 Heidelberg Colloquies 003 2011 0714-17 Heidelberg Colloquies 002 2011 0714-17 Heidelberg Colloquies 001
Warm up      
2011 0714-17 Heidelberg Colloquies 006 2011 0714-17 Heidelberg Colloquies 005 2011 0714-17 Heidelberg Colloquies 007  
Welcome Dinner  Participants    


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