Perfumery and Ritual - The Use of Incense, Flowers, Distillates, and Aromatic Objects in Asia


Workshop on November 29 to 30, 2010 at Heidelberg University
Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg, Hauptstraße 242, 69117 Heidelberg


ORGANIZERSjoss sticks

Collaborative Research Center (SFB) ‘Dynamics of Ritual’

Sub-Project B6 'Olfactory Elements in Asian Rituals'

Prof. Dr. Lothar Ledderose (Head Sub-Project B6)

Dr. des. Dinah Jung (Member Sub-Project B6)



The workshop “Perfumery and Ritual - The Use of Incense, Flowers, Distillates, and Aromatic Objects in Asia” will establish and explore the scholarly field of perfumery. The workshop will specifically discuss the use of aromatic materials in Asian rituals, and based on such field data, elicit its aesthetic and cultural significance. The aim is to introduce and discuss new topics and methodologies that can be usefully applied to advance the field of Ritual and Cultural Studies.
A group of international scholars in disciplines of diverse Asian studies, as well as perfumery practitioners and material arts professionals, will present their knowledge and research. With their diverse data, the participants will map out the state and history of the perfumery arts in Asia in regards to their significance for rituals, and open up new directions for interdisciplinary and collaborative efforts.



The papers and round tables are intended …

… to shed light on the use of perfumery products within the ritual context, and the specialized crafts as the precondition of any consumption of aromatics for ritual aims,

… to initiate a comparative view on perfumery cultures in history and at different places in Asia, in order to analyze different characters of local consumption of aromatics within ritual contexts,

… to elicit cultural connections, flows, and mutual influences between different Asian traditions concerning the use of aromatics in rituals and the further elaboration of the local perfumery arts.



Dr. habil. Françoise Aubaile-Sallenave (CNRS Eco-Anthropologie, Paris)
Nathalie Bazin, B.A. (Musée Guimet, Paris)
Prof. Dr. Lutz H. Gade (Heidelberg University, Heidelberg)
Dr. Bahram Grami (Encyclopaedia Iranica, Consulting Editor, Flora and Plant Science, Winona / MN)
Prof. Satoru Horiguchi (Ibaraki Christian University, Hitachi)
Dr. Iman Lai (National Palace Museum, Taipei)
Prof. Dr. Efraim Lev (University of Haifa, Haifa)
Dr. James McHugh (University of Southern California College, Los Angeles)
Anne Roestel (German Pharmacy Museum, Heidelberg)
Prof. Dr. Jenny So (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Dr. Urmila Nair (German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg)



For a detailed schedule please see the comprehensive programme flyer.



Dr. des. Dinah Jung


Institute of East Asian Art History

SFB Ritualdynamik



Please register before November 14, 2010 via e-mail form or by sending an e-mail to, with the information about your name and institution.

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