Living Legacies: The History of East Asian Art Reconsidered

Conference on Saturday, July 10 to Monday, July 12, 2010


Living Legacies: Lothar Ledderose On TaishanThe conference “Living Legacies: The History of East Asian Art Reconsidered” will explore the latest theoretical and methodological trends as well as offer new insights into specific material, visual, aesthetic or ritual problems in the wider field of East Asian Art History. The aim is to introduce and discuss a set of new methodologies that can be usefully applied to advance the field.

Nineteen leading scholars in the disciplines of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Art; Archaeology; Buddhist and Religious Studies; as well as Philosophy will critically review past and current approaches within their own fields of expertise by focusing on a particular object or text. By querying the legacies of the past, the invited scholars from Japan, China, the United States and Europe will map out the state of the field as a whole and open up new directions in an interdisciplinary, collaborative effort. Five panels focus on selected fields of inquiry: Picture Theories; Buddhist Culture — visual traditions; Buddhist Culture — textual and ritual traditions; New Perspectives in early Chinese archeology; and Material Cultures.

For a detailed schedule please see the comprehensive programme flyer.


Final report


The conference has been broadcasted via live stream on all three days. Some recorded lectures will be available as a podcast.



East Asian art history reconsidered
A report on the conference Living Legacies

published in International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) Newsletter No. 55

Ostasiatische Kunst
Internationale Konferenz zu Ehren von Lothar Ledderose

published in Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung vom 27. Juli 2010




Living Legacies, July 2010, Lothar Ledderose, Photo by I. L. KlingerLiving Legacies, July 2010, Participants, Photo by I. L. KlingerLiving Legacies, July 2010, Participants, Photo by I. L. Klinger

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