the dsl Collection

November 12, 2009, 6.15 pm, Seminar Room 311

Sylvain Levy, Founder of the dsl Collection, Paris

Collecting Contemporary Chinese Art in the 21st Century: the dsl Collection and its virtual Worlds - A Dialog between a Collector and the Academe

The dsl Collection was created in 2005 and focuses on contemporary Chinese art. It is a private collection currently representing 90 of the leading Chinese avant-garde artists, most of whom have a major influence on the development of contemporary art in China today.
The collection is not only significant on a personal level, but also on a larger scale. We start from a museum approach, which means that we are collecting a wide range of media including painting, sculpture, installation, photography, and video. To choose this kind of approach implies making the collection accessible for the public, as well as documenting the featured works.
The major tools to achieve these goals is the use of new technologies, such as the internet and interactive programs and supports. These tools provide the means to share the experience of contemporary culture and to make it more accessible and meaningful for a broader public.

The evening will not be a conventional academic lecture. Instead the collector and owner of the dsl collection Sylvain Levy will first present his collection and his views on collection and then enter into a dialog with students and the audience on the „hows-and-whys“ of collecting Chinese contemporary art today.

on the web:Jia Aili, Untitled (2006-2008), oil on canvas, 296 x 400 cm

Interview with Sylvain Levy
by ArtZine - A Chinese Contemporary Art Portal








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