Mittler: Dein Bild in meinem Auge

Mittler, Barbara: Dein Bild in meinem Auge oder : die Genese des "chinesischen Traums" - China und Europa im langen 20. Jahrhundert / Barbara Mittler, [2019]. - 40 S. : Illustrationen In: Europa - Realität und Vision. (2019), Seite 81-120.

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中國 夢 復興 夢 海報 PSD 素材
Author: xmlpiccyj14

Footnotes 11a, 12

In search of a stage, Western opera singers try China episode

Footnote 11b

Beijing, Beijing ... I sing, Beijing! | 24 Aug. 2012
Author: China Daily

Footnote 14

Die Europäische Hymne
Author: Europäische Union

Footnote 15

Frère Jacques as Chinese National Anthem
Author: Mittler, Barbara

Footnote 16

Two Tigers Song | 04 Mar. 2012
Author: Yu, Heather

Footnote 17

Erhu | 01 Dec. 2014
Author: presented by

Footnote 19

Henle Library: App trailer | 03 Feb. 2016
Author: Henleverlag

Footnote 46

女神 之 再生
Author: 百度

Footnote 49a

Song and dance epic
Author: Mittler, Barbara

Footnote 49b

Red is the East goes Chinese pop
Author: Mittler, Barbara

Footnote 50a

Products from the Red Sun fever
Author: Mittler, Barbara

Footnote 50b

Red is the East and its pop covers (I)
Author: Mittler, Barbara

Footnote 52

新 紅歌 "東方 又 紅": 專制 最後 一定 是 被 笑 垮 的 | 06 Mar. 2018
Author: Wen, Yunchao

Footnote 53

Iepurele mizantrop | 06 Sep. 2018
Author: The Misanthropic Bunny

Footnote 55

China | 08 Apr. 2014
Author: AsiaInspection

Footnote 59

Life on a string

Footnote 60

Tan Dun with Marco Polo in Amsterdam | 06 Dec. 2008
Author: CRTV.NL

Fig. 17

The 'Chinese dream' and the decline of the 'American dream' | July 19, 2018
Author: Koerner, Robin


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